Team members

Kate Greaves

Dip.Financial Services, ASIC RG146 Tier 1 Ins. Broking, Tier 2 Gen. Ins. LinkedIn

Before joining her family’s business, Kate worked as a Governess for a pastoral company in country Queensland, with a Diploma in Childcare under her belt and Bachelor’s underway at the time. A move into Goldsworthys in 2004 sparked a career change, working her way up from administration into the insurance team that would see her become an official Adviser now manages the General Insurance team as well.

Kate enjoys getting to know her clients on a personal level, tailoring insurance solutions to suit their needs and loves being able to coach and develop the skills of her team while in pursuit of their goals. The task of bringing a vibrant, fun office culture to a difficult industry is a healthy challenge she enjoys too.

Weekends find Kate switching into ‘Mum mode’ – ruled by kid’s sport including rugby, netball, cheerleading and boxing. For herself, a little retail therapy helps bring balance and she loves reading or relaxing with a vino and chick flick while simultaneously daydreaming about which exotic holidays and house renovations to put on the wish list.



Peter Abrahamse

Dip.Ins.Broking, ASIC RG146 Tier 1 Ins. Broking, Tier 2 Gen. Ins. LinkedIn

Peter has lived and breathed the insurance industry for a long time having run his own brokerage firm in South Africa for 8 years before coming to Australia in 2003. With extensive experience across the board he has worked as a legal advisor, underwriter and BDM, before joining our team as an Senior Account Manager in 2015.

Dealing with people is what Peter enjoys most. He also loves a good problem-solving exercise as well as the challenge of tackling difficult claims on behalf of our clients.

Outside the office, Peter has a keen interest in what is going on around the globe through watching, reading, and listening to World News, loves a good documentary and always makes time for some fresh air and walking as part of leading a healthy lifestyle.



Jessie Falcon-Green


Jessie joined the Goldsworthy team in 2021 bringing with her 14 years of experience in the insurance business, with her first role taking incoming calls for Allianz. Over the years since, she has worked her way up both on the Underwriting and Broking sides of the industry and is now settled into her role here as our New Business and Renewal Account Executive.

As part of her role, Jessie’s main responsibilities include ensuring her clients have the right insurance coverage, answering their questions, offering and providing quotes and assisting the claims team from lodgement to finalisation. Her main insurance portfolio includes Domestic, Commercial and Residential Strata policies.

Away from the 9-5, Jessie’s weekend whereabouts include buying too many plants at Bunnings, doggo walks, overindulging in Netflix crime docos, retail therapy, games nights and getting her hands dirty with new recipes in the kitchen. ‘Future Jessie’ hopes to learn a new language and eventually buy a big chunk of land and rescue all the animals.




Lita King


ASIC RG146 Tier 1 Ins. Broking, Tier 2 Gen. Ins.

The insurance industry found Lita in 2011 and has kept a strong hold of her ever since. She started off as an Admin Assistant before transitioning to an Account Executive Assistant role. While she did dabble higher up as an Account Executive, Lita decided the Assistant space was where she thrived the most and we very happily inherited Lita in early 2018.

Driven by a love of processes, Lita enjoys seeing a project through from start to finish and the challenge of staying on top of her workload week to week. Seeing the end result wrap up neatly and being able to move onto the next task efficiently brings great satisfaction to our highly organised extraordinaire.

“Coffee is life and feeds the soul” is a motto Lita swears by. Being a morning person, Lita prefers a sunrise to sunset, starting many days off with a gym session before work. She loves to cook and bake and listen to podcasts any opportunity she gets and has a ‘green heart’ when it comes to the planet.



Rochelle Pio

ASIC RG146 Tier 1 Ins. Broking, Tier 2 Gen. Ins.

As one of our youngest team members, Rochelle first dipped her toes into the post Highschool / Tafe workforce as part of the Early Childhood world as an Admin Officer. Deciding to take a different path, Rochelle then became part of our Goldsworthy family in early 2017.

Starting on reception, she was then internally poached by the Insurance team to provide administration support, before moving up again into her current role as Assistant Account Executive with a focus on domestic insurance policies. Working alongside her team within a family business environment is one of the aspects Rochelle enjoys most, as well as helping people and all the learning that comes from within an ever-changing industry.

When she’s not behind a computer screen, you’ll find Rochelle as an active member of her Church community and Youth Group, spending lots of time with her niece and nephews and extended Samoan family. She loves to play netball and most team sports and around the office she’s known as our resident sweet tooth!


Amie McNaughton

ASIC RG146 Tier 1 Ins. Broking, Tier 2 Gen. Ins.

I started with Goldsworthy’s in 2014 with the General Insurance team in an administration role. In my 2nd year with the company
I moved into an insurance adviser role and then in December 2020 I went across to Financial Planning in a client’s services role.

Now, I’m back in General Insurance and am loving my new role supporting Kate, Jessie and Rochelle as Assistant Account Executive.

I enjoy the fact that every role I have worked in with Goldsworthy’s has allowed me to do something different everyday and I am always learning and growing.

Outside of work I love watching horror movies and crime shows and listening to true crime podcasts.  I am still trying to find Brisbane’s best Mexican however my research budget has been halved as I have traded tacos for taps and tiles for our new home. Hopefully we will be in soon and can get a kennel and a puppy.


Megan Cuffe


Megan is a long-term part of the Goldsworthy furniture having first started with the company as Office Manager in 2006. Coming from a previous career in the Fashion and Graphic Design space, these creative skills have not been wasted with Megan able to incorporate her design ability effectively across many of our flyer and stationary needs.

Megan is a strong advocate for ‘change’, helping team members learn and grow in confidence and mixing things up to keep us on our educational toes! After 15 years as our Office Manager, Megan has switched into a Team Leader role supporting our Financial and Insurance Advisers and the ever-evolving compliance processes that are required.

When her brain is not in ‘work mode’ – Megan loves to sew, cook and bake cakes she never actually eats. (To which our office benefits!) Is a keen recycling Earth Warrior, kitchen herb grower, outdoor adventure hiker, heavy weight lifter and eager holiday taker. Needless to say, she fills her leisure time effectively!



Leah Ryan


Originally from the UK, Leah moved to North Queensland during her high school years and first worked in a legal office after she graduated. Making a move to Brisbane shortly after, Leah continued in the law environment as a paralegal for 5 years before joining Goldsworthys in 2016.

Having started off as a Personal Assistant with her strong organisational and attention to detail skills as foundation, Leah’s role has grown to include supporting the Insurance and Planning Managers and overseeing our front office Administration Team as well. Seeing the team around her thrive is a rewarding part of her role and she certainly knows her way around an Excel spreadsheet with her eyes closed.

When it comes to her interests and hobbies there is a strong Mexican theme with Leah. Not only does she enjoy a spicy margarita, hotter-the-better chilli and Mexican food in general, she’s a fur-mum to two tiny Chihuahuas Louie and Fergie to round it off.



Natalie Shikongo

ASIC RG146 Tier 1 Ins. Broking, Tier 2 Gen. Ins.

As a native of our Kiwi neighbours, Natalie first started her Insurance career off in her home country of New Zealand in 2007. Her experience in the claims environment is extensive, wearing several hats across 13 years including Senior Consultant, Litigation Consultant and Claims Analyst. Moving across the ditch to Australia in 2015 she worked in the world of heavy motor, mobile equipment and marine products before landing happily in Goldsworthy’s lap in 2020.

As our Claims Officer, Natalie liaises between clients and Insurance providers during what can quite often be a stressful experience and it is helping people at this vulnerable time that Natalie finds most rewarding.

As far as the world of hobbies and interests is concerned, Natalie is first and foremast a cat lover and bee advocate. Enjoys going to the theatre and even moonlighting on the stage herself from time to time and will always try to find a moment to squeeze in a good book and an even better nap.



Michelle Stanton


Michele’s history with both Goldsworthy and AMP is a long one having first started with AMP in 1973 after completing a ‘Commercial’ degree at high school. It was there she stayed until entering parenthood. When Ralph and Katrina Goldsworthy took over from founder Bill Orr, Michele joined them on a casual basis in between babies. Over the following years she worked with a handful of advisers, and it was when they retired, that she accepted a permanent reception position in 2012.

Being in the ‘front of house’ Michele enjoys the opportunity to chat with our clients, getting to know them on a personal level. This, in addition to working with a ‘pleasant and humorous team’ makes for an enjoyable work experience all round.

Michele’s ‘social skills’ at the front desk are no fluke, being quite the professional socialite on weekends often accompanied by a glass of bubbles. As a Redlands resident, bayside walks are high on the leisure activities list combined with a love of reading and learning Spanish.


Carly Jarvis


The Financial Planning and Insurance Industry was a foreign one to Carly when she first joined the Goldsworthy team, having come from a background of 12 years in the creative industries across Interior Design, Photography and Art. However, her relationship with the Goldsworthy family has been just as long, so when the need for an additional job-share receptionist came up combined with an interest in getting some focused energy into the Social Media and Marketing side, it was a natural fit.

Having a blended role means Carly gets double the enjoyment from her position. On the one hand she is able to satisfy her ‘people and process loving’ nature on reception and the other flex her ‘design muscles’ when creating content videos and imagery, taking photos and writing newsletters. It’s a win-win.

Her passion for creativity doesn’t stop outside the 9-5, loving to paint, draw, knit and crotchet. She believes David Attenborough should be King, is crossword obsessed and being immersed in nature with her family and no phone trumps all.

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